We develop and manufacture portable and fixed installation clamp-on flowmeters for liquids, which maintain high quality production standards and performance characteristics. We believe that the measurement of flow should be quick, easy and straightforward. We have therefore equipped every KATflow clamp-on flowmeter with an intuitive menu, instrument Setup Wizard and the unique Audible Sensor Positioning Assistant to make our flowmeters the easiest to operate and install available.

Pipe Diameter 10 – 6500 mmHeat Quantity MeasurementBattery Life 24 h Process OutputsInternal Data LoggerWall Thickness Measurement
Katronic ultrasonic flowmeters can measure on pipes of all standard materials over a large diameter range and are suitable for process liquids from pure water to chemicals and effluents. The instruments measure over a range of 0.01… 25 m/s and a repeatability of 0.15 %.

To ensure the long term performance and reliability of our products, KATflow instruments are supplied with stainless steel transducers as standard on all models and housings designed to withstand even the most harsh environmental conditions.


The KATflow noninvasive flowmeters work on the transit time ultrasonic principle. This, involves mounting a matched pair of transducers on the external surface of the pipe which are then used to generate ultrasonic pulses. These signals travel through the pipe wall and liquid media from one sensor to the other both with and against the direction of flow.

The key principle of the method applied is that sound waves travelling with the flow will move faster than those travelling against it. The difference in the transit time of these signals is directly proportional to the flow velocity of the liquid and consequently associated flow values.

Whilst elements such as flow profile, type of liquid and pipe material could have an effect on the measurement, the electronics of the flowmeter will compensate for and adapt to changes in the medium in order to provide reliable measurements.


A simple illustration of this would be what could be called the ‘rowing boat principle’. If someone rows their boat along a moving river from one point to another firstly with the flow and then against it, there will be the difference in the time needed to complete the journey. When rowing with the river the journey might take ten minutes, whilst the return trip might take twelve. This time difference is directly proportional to how fast the river is flowing. In spring, when the river is flowing faster, it might take eight minutes with the flow and fifteen against it, indicating the effect of the increased flow. The ultrasonic flowmeters work in the same way, the faster the flow, the bigger the time variation with the main difference being that with the clamp-on flowmeters the time is measured in nanoseconds.


No Cutting. No Welding. No Cost.

  • No modification of the pipework means no costly engineering work
  • No interruption of the process and no pressure drop
  • No risk of leakage or contamination of the pipe and surrounding area

Repeatable. Reliable. Robust.

  • Suitable for a wide variety of liquid types
  • Simple flow measurement regardless of liquid pressure or conductivity
  • Supplying repeatable and accurate results even in non-ideal conditions

Economic. Ergonomic. Efficient.

  • Quick, cost-effective and easy installation
  • Quality, robust products designed to be simple to operate and use
  • Qualified staff available for immediate support with applications


  • Unique product feature only available with Katronic flowmeters
  • Helps to find the correct position of sensors using audible sounds and graphic instructions
  • Intuitive cursor used to indicate the ideal sensor mounting for the programmed parameters
  • Clear and simple display of usable signal sensor
  • Helpful graphical representation of signal quality or measurement confidence
  • Repeating audible tone used to direct user to the correct installation

Katronic ultrasonic flow measurement

Katronic ultrasonic flow measurement