MIR Ltd is the exclusive Hungarian representative of Katronic, a manufacturer of portable and fixed ultrasonic flowmeters. In addition to sales, our company provides the following services:

  • Checking the delivery of fire water system (headers)
  • Expected pump delivery check
  • Check for leakage of shut-off valves
  • Detection of leakage or flow disturbances
  • Performance check of fixed flow meters
  • Measurement of heat exchanger efficiency

The measurement is performed without dismounting the piping system, using ultra-sonic transducers mounted on the pipe wall. The sensors marked a and b operate alternately in transmitter and receiver mode. Between the heads, the ultrasound propagates in different directions of flow and with different times in opposite directions. From the difference in times and the diameter of the pipe, the velocity of the fluid can be calculated. The temperature is measured with thermostat connected to the instrument.

Ultrasonic flow measurement for liquids is versatile on old or new pipelines in the diameter range DN10…3000, between -30…+250°C. Zero flow in the pipeline is not required for the measurement.



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